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CS&A -- International Risk & Crisis Management

CS&A,, is collaborating with ICONS to deliver specialised consulting services in the area of risk, crisis and business continuity management to industry, the private and corporate sector as well as public and government institutions.

CS&A's hands-on practical risk and crisis management expertise complements CIDCM's academic insight and the ICONS simulation and training program, to help organizations enhance their crisis management capability.

CS&A stresses crisis anticipation, detection, prevention, preparation, mitigation and recovery and has designed a comprehensive risk and crisis management planning process which has been implemented with many international clients over the past 20 years. CS&A's Business Contingency Framework enables organizations to step in at the right stage according to their level of preparedness and strengthen their resilience.

In addition to its comprehensive portfolio of customized training and consulting services, CS&A develops and implements unique systems, tools and models that facilitate crisis management and communication and validate and benchmark preparedness.

A recognized leader in its field, CS&A was founded in 1991 and operates across all continents from its bases in Western Europe, Asia and the United States.

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