Collaborative Leadership Seminar

"I am more likely to consider the other party's interests as I prepare for negotiation."
--April 2011
"I can better identify my alternatives to negotiation and identify my best alternative (BATNA)"
--April 2011
"It makes me feel empowered and allows me to negotiate from a position of strength and confidence."
--April 2011

Crisis Leadership Workshop

"I think in my present job ... this is the most helpful... I have to be able to tackle those crucial conversations on a day to day basis. Also very helpful in my personal life...since I've always been the 'silent' type...avoiding confrontations."
--October 2008
"Words to live by. Need I say anything more?"
--October 2008
"This was an excellent exercise. It was the highlight of the week for me."
--October 2008
"I must take a moment to thank you for a truly enjoyable experience. I was excited from our first talk at Monday's breakfast about what was to come of this class, and let me say, I still had absolutely no idea how great the class was going to be! I've been to a few classes in my two years with the Air Force, and never have I had such a great learning experience from start to finish. Not only were the people great, but your staff and curriculum were what allowed us all to openly share and learn from one another in a fun, energetic environment. Thank you for organizing a beneficial, skill-building class with such amazing opportunities to network and learn from others."
--Megan, August 2007
"I will use what I learned from your sessions in my everyday work as I negotiate with companies on an almost daily basis and what you presented will help in preparing for negotiation and identifying the interests of the other parties prior to sitting down to negotiate."
--May 2012
"Truly a top notch experience. Was easily accessible and never veered too far into academia/the abstract. Wonderful delivery."
--May 2012
"Thank you again for the excellent manner in which you lead the Crisis Leadership training last week. I believe that everyone learned from the experience, in no small part, from your attention to every detail and overall masterful coordination."
--Jim, August 2007
"Excellent tools were given to help organize and analyze information in a crisis. The simulation was of high quality and provided an excellent learning opportunity."
--October 2008

Collaborative Leadership in Homeland Security

"With over ten years of college experience and countless trainings, this was the most rewarding training I've ever attended. [E]veryone who presented was very knowledgeable and well-spoken and I never found myself bored or overwhelmed with the material."
--Lori, July 2011
"While I was initially skeptical of the online component, I like that it afforded an opportunity to work as a team with a new group of people. Having that experience before meeting in person created this connection, both with the amazing people on my team, as well as others ... the successes and challenges created a degree of solidarity that was established on day one of meeting in person. I believe this lent to the rich discussions we had throughout the course, with students being more open to share personal stories and perspectives from the onset. As for the in-person component, which was certainly most valuable, I particularly appreciated the guided discussions, whether they focused on lessons learned from a reading or a specific skill. There were many gems I look forward to applying in my work going forward, including strategies for best serving those depending on us, as well as supporting the people we depend on to live up to their expectations."
--Laura, March 2012
"The biggest take away is learning from each other, the years of different experiences that everyone brought to the table, from the moment that the teams were formed for the simulation through the final module. We were all put into roles that we never had before in the simulation but every team worked their way through it. We all survived the Carterville Pandemic Flu Crisis [simulation] and the class."
--John, March 2012

International Development

"I wanted to thank you again for such an awesome simulation experience. It was incredibly popular among the students and I suggested to the directors that we have several per summer. The simulations were a perfect way to learn problem-solving and negotiation skills. It was by far one of the best parts of the summer."
--Paige, August 2007

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