Professional Trainings

ICONS training programs bring experienced facilitators, subject matter experts, and engaging, interactive content to your door. Choose from the courses below or customize a program to best meet your organization's unique needs and goals.

Communication Skills for Leaders

Be a Successful Communicator (1 day)
This engaging session is for professionals from any sector looking to improve communication skills and build positive working relationships that boost productivity. In this class, you will:

  • Learn strategies to defuse intensity during difficult conversations in the workplace
  • Recognize the disconnect between "message sent" vs. "message received"
  • Engage in active listening and check for understanding
  • Gain confidence by practicing key skills in small group, real-world simulations
  • Receive feedback and coaching from experienced trainers

Negotiation Leadership Series

Negotiation: An Essential Leadership Skill for a Changing World (1 - 3 days)
This workshop introduces participants to negotiation as a key skill for effective leaders, who need to be able to succeed in navigating the bureaucracy of whatever organization they work within. It includes a discussion of the principles of negotiation and effective negotiation techniques.

Advanced Negotiation Skills (3 days)
This program is designed to build upon the knowledge and skills participants gained through prior ICONS Negotiation Leadership training. The program provides participants advanced techniques to increase their capacity to assume leadership roles in collaborative negotiation processes, presented in three modules:
(1) Taking Preparation to the Next Level,
(2) When the Going Gets Tough, and
(3) Thinking on Your Feet.

Negotiating Conflict (3 days)
This program was developed in collaboration with the National Leadership Institute (NLI), housed at our sister campus, University of Maryland University College. This highly interactive program provides managers with a 360-degree assessment of their conflict behaviors, as well as professional observation and coaching. Participants learn the important techniques of negotiation, conflict management, and collaborative leadership and then practice these new approaches in an on-line simulation in which they assume the roles of decision-makers who must work together, but who have both mutual and conflicting interests.

Dynamics of International Negotiations (2 days)
During this workshop, attendees explore the key concepts, processes, and relationships of international negotiations through a mix of case studies and group discussions. They also learn how to analyze ongoing negotiations and negotiation behavior and determine possible outcomes.

Understanding Globalization (1 day)
For executives, journalists and others who want a deeper understanding of global political and economic interdependence. The program features a complex negotiation simulation between a developing country, international financial institutions, multi-national corporations and non-governmental organizations.

Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation (5 days)
An intensive seminar in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and multi-track diplomacy. Designed for both conflict management practitioners and scholars, this hands-on program builds on CIDCM's (Center for International Development and Conflict Management) successful Partners in Conflict program and provides training in effective ADR techniques for government organizations, NGOs and other groups committed to the peaceful resolution of violent conflict.

Crisis Leadership Series

Crisis Leadership Workshop (3 - 5 days)
This dynamic workshop develops leadership skills to deal with high-risk, unanticipated situations. Program includes interactive exercises, case studies, simulations and films on such topics as: analyzing the elements of a crisis; psychological aspects of crisis and risk perception; building a crisis response team; public information in a crisis; crisis negotiation; and conflict management.

Crisis Leadership and Emergency Response (3 days)
Developed in collaboration with the University of Connecticut through a grant with FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security, this unique workshop draws participants into the uncertainty of crisis leadership by beginning with a challenging public health crisis simulation in which participants are "thrown into the fire" and challenged to lead in the absence of their usual protocols. This is followed by a week-long face-to-face crisis leadership workshop focused on psychological aspects of crisis and risk perception; building a crisis response team; and public information in a crisis.

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