Simulations for Education, Government, the Private Sector & NGOs, and Research:


ICONS programs for Education

With over 20 simulation topics to choose from and custom-built online simulation software, ICONS is the premier provider of online role-play simulations for educators. Learn More about ICONS programs for Education 


ICONS programs for Government

Our simulation services to government agencies include wargaming, red teaming, scenario planning and forecasting, crisis management, and leadership training. Learn More about ICONS programs for Government 

Private Sector & NGOs

ICONS programs for the Private Sector & NG)s

Corporate and non-profit clients can select from a range of services, from training in leadership and crisis management to large-scale simulations and scenario planning exercises. Learn More about ICONS programs for Private Sector clients & NGOs 


ICONS programs for Research

Researchers benefit from our proprietary simulation software, ICONSnet, which captures simulation activity for easy analysis. Learn More about ICONS programs for Research 


The ICONS Project creates simulations and scenario-driven exercises to advance participants' understanding of complex problems and strengthen their ability to make decisions, navigate crises, think strategically, and negotiate collaboratively.

Online Based Simulations

Bring active learning on complex issues directly into your classroom.

Simulation Based Training

Customized to engage today's professionals and provide a meaningful experience coping with practical dilemmas.

Policy & Research

Simulations and scenarios designed to support policy planning and advance research in social & cognitive sciences.

Baltic Security Crisis Simulation
Our newest simulation for use in classrooms challenges students to navigate a "gray zone crisis" in Latvia, when conditions exceed normal peacetime relations but fall short of an armed military engagement. Roles include Russia, Latvia, the U.S., the EU, and an ethnic Russian minority group in Latvia. Learn more and request a free scenario excerpt. Learn about the ICONS Baltic Security Crisi simulation